Baron Von Terror presents: BRIDE OF CHUCKY [Thursday Feb. 10 8:00pm]


It’s a match made in hell and/or a doll factory, and it’s one of The Baron’s favorite rom-coms!

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What’s better than a rom-com around the Valentine season? Why, one filled with TERROR!

Chucky’s former lover from his human days finds a way to bring back her sweet sinister paramour, and the two of them head off on a road trip to Chucky’s home town. Since dolls can’t drive, they trick a couple teenage lovebirds into being their ride, with the goal of possessing their bodies once they reach home-sweet-home.

Chucky voice Brad Dourif claims this is his favorite of the films, and for a good reason. Horror and comedy are married in a beautiful fashion, giving new life to the franchise. Baron Von Terror will be there to make sure we all feel the love.

Event Details

Date: February 10, 2022

Start time: 08:00 p.m. PST

End time: 10:30 p.m. PST

Venue: Central Cinema

Phone: 206-328-3230

Email: [email protected]