• Germicidal UV kills viruses floating in the air
  • Good Food & Drinks at your table in the Theater!

The Pandemic rules are changing at King County and WA State, but in an abundance of caution, we are sticking with the vax card checks for a little longer. We want all movie goers to feel comfortable and safe being in a room with other people. We are keeping an eye on things and sticking with some rules right now until it is safe to drop them.

You must have proof of vaccination with ID to enter the theater. People who are unvaccinated or cannot prove vaccination status will be required to show proof of a Negative COVID-19 test from a testing provider in the last 72 hours. Masks are Optional but recommended. Arrive a little early and have your card ready so that we can check you in quickly.

In Washington state, the following are considered acceptable types of verification:


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