TAMMY AND THE T-REX The Gore Cut (9:30 Friday)


Must be seen to be believed. Even then, you may still not believe it’s a real movie.

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This post-Jurassic jam stars Denise Richards and the late Paul Walker  in an unprecedented mishmash of rom-com tropes and R-rated horror thrills. When Paul’s mauled by the local zoo’s toothier residents, his love affair with Denise doesn’t end, with a local mad scientist  his brain into an ancient animatronic predator.

Originally filmed as a gorefest w/ impressive splatter by SFX guru John Carl Buechler, TAMMY’s minimal release back in the day was cut to PG-13, funneled straight-to-video, and inexplicably marketed as a kids’ film. Thanks to the intrepid efforts of top-notch archival pals Vinegar Syndrome, this gonzo gem is fully restored and ready to scorch your ganglia into dust!