BadMovieArt returns with a Pia Zadora CLASSIC!



BadMovieArt toys with lady luck and you come out a winner! The great Miss Pia Zadora returns to BadMovieArt with one of the best heist/women in prison/musical/rom-com/Herbie Goes Bananas films you will ever see! Action, romance, suspense and sex all await as you venture to Sin City with this slice of 80’s insanity called FAKE-OUT!

Pia plays a showgirl with a big secret and she is spilling the beans! Armed with a Bob Mackie wardrobe and Desi Arnaz Jr. as her bodyguard, she is going to have to use all the moxic and smarts she has to stay one step ahead of the bad guys who want her dead!

Toss in a musical number and Telly Savalas and you have one of the hottest BadMovieArt films you are ever going to see!

Tickets are $6 advance/ $8 day of show ON SALE NOW!

3 Questions with Brandon Ryan from MAP Productions

Tonight at 7:00pm MAP Productions is bringing another great trivia night to Central Cinema. This time the focus is the beloved, but extremely short lived television series, FREAKS AND GEEKS. All questions will be centered around the show and then episodes of the TV show follow! We sat down with Brandon Ryan of MAP Productions for 3 Questions.

1. Why do you think FREAKS AND GEEKS has continued to have a mass following and the trivia night for it so popular?
I think the show has thrived due to its ability to transcend the overall cliches of the typical high school realities that TV has constantly shown us throughout the years. While combining an amazing balance of heart and hilarity. Plus it wonderfully represents where the current state of the nerd zeitgeist is at. We no longer live in a world where popularity is dictated by the jocks and the cheerleader stereotypes of the past. The freaks and geeks of the world have started to take over. And this show now seems like a quasi documentary that showed the world where it all began.

2. Why do you think Central Cinema and the M.A.P. trivia nights are a good combination?
They have just seemed to be a nice symbiotic mixture for the both of us. Central Cinema has a venue that allows us to put on an evening with more theatrical like qualities. We’ve been able to make fantastic use of the stage, and screen to help accentuate our trivia nights. As for you guys, we’ve been able to draw large crowds of people who have never been to the venue before. Which is awesome for both of us. We use our trivia nights as a way to get people interested and invested in us and hopefully the plays that we put on with our theatre company. The same affect can be said for Central Cinema. Hopefully while were there, we can get trivia people excited about the venue and what it can offer outside of our trivia nights. Then they can come back later and experience an evening of film, food and drinks at Central Cinema, and possibly go see some live theatre that we put on in the future. Everyone wins.

3. What is your favorite swear word?
I like non conventional swear words. Words that I apply specific meaning to. So I say things like Flip, or Funk, or Hump. Those are the expletives that I dig.

Brandon Ryan of MAP Productions gettin' his trivia on!

Brandon Ryan of MAP Productions gettin’ his trivia on!

Tickets are $6 advance/ $8 day of show. Tickets are still available!

This week at Central Cinema

We have a couple of great specials events happening this week at Central Cinema that you are surely going to want to check out!

Tuesday March 12th at 7:00pm MAP Productions is bringing us a night full of classic television and general mayhem with THE FREAKS AND GEEKS TRIVIA NIGHT.
Tickets are $6 advance & $8 day of show.

On Wednesday March 13th, our film noir series, NIGHT & DAY, returns with the Renny Harlin exploder, THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT! Geena Davis and Samuel Jackson join forces to kick major ass in this tight Shane Black scripted slice of noir. Hosted by Brandon Ryan
Tickets are $6 advance & $8 day of show

This Thursday at 8:00pm the ultimate DIVA showdown is happening! We pit 10 videos from JANET JACKSON against 10 MARIAH CAREY videos against 10 videos from BEYONCE. THE JANET vs. MARIAH vs. BEYONCE SING ALONG is going to put it down. Tickets are almost gone, so grab them NOW!
Tickets are $8 advance & $10 day of show.
Doors at 7:30pm with a pre-show full of Janet, Mariah & Beyonce clips!
Curated and Hosted by Jason Miller

Bonebat “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest III

The Demons of Bonebat invade the Cinema April 13th for an all day festival of Mayhem! If you like Beasts and Gore then you do not want to miss this attack on our brains…
THE BONEBAT SHOW’S “COMEDY OF HORRORS” FILM FEST is proud to announce Official Feature Selections for their third evening of Comedy Horror features, shorts and live music, to take place at Central Cinema in Seattle, WA on April 13th, 2013.

PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE – Written and directed by Dustin Mills, and featuring the vocal talents of Steve Rimpici, Ethan Holey and Bart Flynn.
“A group of teens are challenged to spend a night in the Wagner mansion on the edge of town. Little do  they know the owner (Dr. Wolfgang Wagner) has concocted a monstrosity in the basement, and plans  to make the hapless teens the creature’s first big meal.”

BUCK WILD – Directed by Tyler Glodt, Produced by Christian Sosa, and starring Matthew Albrecht, Jarrod Pastilli, and Dru Lockwood.
“When Craig invites his friends, Lance and Tom, and his cousin Jerry, a New Yorker with a duffle bag and a secret, for a boys’ hunting trip to a small Texas town, he doesn’t realize they will be the ones trying to survive. Facing the fast-spreading Chupacabra virus as well as their own personal baggage leads to a weekend the four will not soon forget.”

And headlining the evenings festivities, courtesy of

IFC Midnight and Stalker Farms:

GRABBERS – Directed by Jon Wright, written by Kevin Lehane, and starring Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Bronagh Gallagher and Kevin Tovey.
“Strange doings are afoot for charming but heavy-drinking local policeman Ciarán O’Shea, tasked with greeting straight-laced young officer Lisa Nolan who has just arrived in his small fishing village off the West coast of Ireland. As the crew of a fishing boat disappears, dead whales start appearing on shore, and a local lobsterman catches a strange tentacled creature in his trap, it soon becomes clear that there’s something big out there, and it’s hungry! Time to rally the villagers, arm the troops…and head to the pub!

Each of the three features will be presented in it’s Seattle premiere.

The “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest will be hosted by Steve and Gord of THE BONEBAT SHOW podcast, and will take place Saturday, April 13th, 2013 from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Central Cinema in Seattle, WA. In addition to the above features, the festival will present three blocks of previously announced comedy/horror shorts as listed below, a huge prize giveaway, and a set of live music from Seattle funk innovators Tip to Base.

The Official Shorts Selections are:
“Structure Kill”, Stephen Vitale Films                                           USA                Stephen Vitale, Director
“Only the Smart Survive”, Starry Moon Productions                 USA                 Kari Lane, Director
“Pig Lady”, Kraken Entertainment                                                 USA                Thomas De Napoli/Steve Makowski, Directors
“The Necronomicon”,  Bad Advice for Good Times                     CANADA         Joseph Nanni, Director
“Mr. Bear”, Whatever It Takes/Promofest                                    SPAIN&USA   Andres Rosende
“No Santa”, SMBC Theater                                                             USA                 Matthew Morgenthaler, Director
“The Living Want Me Dead”, Cheap Heat Productions                USA                Bill Palmer, Director
“(Baby) It’s You”                                                                               USA                David Cowles, Jeremy Galante, Brad Pattullo, Directors
“Reverse Parthenogenesis”, Grillo-Marxuach Design Bureau     USA                Javier Grillo-Marxuach
“Twisted”                                                                                           Germany        Norbert Keil, Director
“Love Bug”, Fidget Films                                                                 UK                   Ben Kent, Director
“50 Shades of Domestic Gray”, SMBC Theater                             USA                 Tomm Jacobsen, Director
“Familiar”, Fatal Pictures                                                                Canada            Richard Powell, Director
“SMUSH: A Deadheads Short”, Frobro Films                               USA                  Brett and Drew T. Pierce, Directors
“Tune for Two”, Primodrom                                                           SWEDEN          Gunnar Järvstad, Director
“Sandwich Crazy”, Film 5                                                               CANADA           Michael Doucette, Director
“Alma”                                                                                               SPAIN               Rodrigo Blaas, Director
“Killer Kart”, FSU FIlms                                                                   USA                  James Feeney, Director
“Elder Sign”  Bad Advice for Good Times                                     CANADA          Joseph Nanni, Director
“Suckablood” Bloody Cuts UK                                                       UK                     Jake Cuddihy and Ben Tillett, Directors
“Hungry Hickory”, He Dies At The End                                         IRELAND           Damien McCarthy, Director
“Meat”, Daywalt Fear Factory                                                       USA                   Drew Daywalt, Director

The Central Cinema is Seattle’s only Dine-In Cinema, located in the Central District at 21st & Union, and is famous for screening an amazing selection of independent and cult classic films, as well as their full dinner menu, organic popcorn and cocktails.

The BoneBat “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest is an R-rated event, due to strong language, graphic sex and intense violence. And that’s just from the hosts!
Tickets are on sale now at for the early bird price of $25.00/$30.00 after April 1st.

THE BONEBAT FILM FEST is sponsored by Mac and Jack’s Brewery, Flying Saucer Pizza, Corner Comics, Scarecrow Video, Games and Gizmos, Theo Chocolate, Play N Trade Kirkland, Paizo Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Oni Press, Alternative Cinema, Stalker Farms and GT Printing Equipment.

THE BONEBAT SHOW is a comedy and pop-culture podcast which features independent music. The show is hosted by Steve Holetz and cartoonist G J Caulkins of, has aired every three weeks since September 2007, and has just released it’s 98th episode. The Podcast- and Parsec Award nominee can be found at

For additional information about the festival, or to buy tickets, please visit




Last night I ventured into Central Cinema, not knowing what was to await me. When David Schmader, from The Stranger and the “the foremost authority” on the classically awful, yet surprisingly delightful (sans UGH! rape scene at the end) film SHOWGIRLS, pitched the idea of doing a screening of SHOWGIRLS 2 at Central Cinema, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Boobs, booze and a room full of people having the same experience would make SHOWGIRLS 2 a happening.

Last night that “happening” happened. I decided to watch the film cold, which is a major gamble in the world of repertory theater. But when it comes to SHOWGIRLS and David Schmader, it is always worth the roll of the dice. I stayed away from the trailer, so not to give anything away. All I knew was that Rena Riffel is a sweet potato, David Schmader was deep in the trenches of working on his commentary for Continue reading

St. Paddy’s Day Screening: LEPRECHAUN 2


This March on Sunday the 17th at 7:00pm & 9:30pm, the little mean green guy is BACK and this time he wants a BRIDE! We are celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with a screening of LEPRECHAUN 2!

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with a bona fide Leprechaun! This time he around he is turning 1000 years old and all he wants for a birthday present is a BRIDE!!

Warwick Davis is back as the Leprechaun with a mean streak and Shevonne Durkin is the unlucky lady of his desires! I hear wedding bells!

Tickets are $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Girl’s Pajama Party: Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead


We are excited to present out Spring 2013 Girl’s Pajama Party*! This time if you leave the kids at home, make sure to call them, because the Babysitter could be dead and your daughter could have landed a job in the fashion industry and is going to TURN IT OUT!

Christina Applegate leads a motley crew of brothers and sisters as they try to keep their deadly secret from being uncovered and have just enough time to throw a massive party!

Skip school. Call in sick to work. Tell all your friends and leave the kids at home! You are in for a night of fun, booze, laughs, prizes and MORE!

Thursday April 4th at 8:00pm!
Pre-show at 7:30pm!
$6 advance/ $8 day of show
*Note boys can come to this show. But you have been warned.

BadMovieArt takes on Lady Luck with Pia Zadora!

March 20th at 7:00pm! BadMovieArt hits the strip with Pia Zadora!


BadMovieArt toys with lady luck and you come out a winner! The great Miss Pia Zadora returns to BadMovieArt with one of the best heist/women in prison/musical/rom-com/Herbie Goes Bananas films you will ever see! Action, romance, suspense and sex all await as you venture to Sin City!

Pia plays a showgirl with a big secret and she is spilling the beans! Armed with a Bob Mackie wardrobe and Desi Arnaz Jr. as her bodyguard, she is going to have to use all the moxic and smarts she has to stay one step ahead of the bad guys who want her dead!

Toss in a musical number and Telly Savalas and you have one of the hottest BadMovieArt films you are ever going to see!

Tickets are $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Follow the link to view the trailer!
Sneak Preview of Fake-Out

Peter Greenway’s tribute to color coding, lust and the munchies

Starting this Friday at 9:30pm!


Friday March 8 at 9:30pm
Saturday March 9 at 9:30pm
Sunday March 10 at 9:30pm
Monday March 11 at 9:30pm

“Bon apetit. It’s French…”

In 1989, Peter Greenway unveiled his stunning motion picture, THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE & HER LOVER on the world. It was slapped with an NC-17 rating, but Greenway chose to release the film as Unrated and it became a must see movie. Over 20 years later, the film is still as powerful and haunting as it was on its initial release.

Starring Micheal Gambon as the malevolent Thief and Helen Mirren as his alluring Wife, they find themselves wrapped up in lust, murder, fine dining, torture and cannibalism as they try to outwit one another at all costs.

Truly bizarre and utterly mesmerizing from start to finish, THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE & HER LOVER is a movie you will not be able to tear your eyes and senses away from!

This movie is unrated and suggested for mature audience only!