HER Time Travel

HOLLOW EARTH RADIO is proud to present the world’s first ever Time Travel Museum and a one-of-a-kind Time Travel Party in Seattle, WA. The museum will open on October 21st, 2015, and remain open until the party on November 7th, 2015.
The Time Travel Museum will feature artifacts and evidence of time travel, as well as local artists’ interpretation of the theme. The museum will be hosted at Hollow Earth Radio’s headquarters in the Central District. The opening ceremony for the museum, on October 21st, will feature live performances by Swooning (featuring Briana Marela) and WLISPS, as well as time travel lectures.
The date of the opening ceremony was chosen to coincide with the landing date of Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future. Also come see the new Making of: Back to the Future special free happy-hour screening at Central Cinema Friday Oct 23 at 5:00.
The Time Travel Party was inspired by theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking’s failed attempt to entice time travelers to a similar event. “I have experimental evidence that time travel is not possible,” he said. “I gave a party for time-travelers, but I didn’t send out the invitations until after the party. I sat there a long time, but no one came.” Hollow Earth Radio has decided to make it’s own attempt at throwing a party for Time Travelers, however in this case they aren’t just waiting until after the event to send out invites.
The Time Travel Party, on November 7th, will feature performances by The Fabulous Downey Brothers among other artists, the creation of a time capsule, and more surprises. Hollow Earth Radio hopes to attract travelers from all eras and timelines to attend this event.
Both events are part of an upcoming fundraising campaign to help Hollow Earth Radio purchase an antenna and other necessary equipment to begin broadcasting as KHUH. Hollow Earth Radio is a Seattle-based freeform online radio station that recently received a low-power fm license.
For more information about Hollow Earth Radio and the upcoming events, please contact the organizers at info@hollowearthradio.org or visit the following sites:

UNFOLDING art exhibit coming Nov-Dec

Composite of elements from two photographs by Susan Gans and section of a drawing by David Traylor at the Western point of Union Street, Seattle looking at the Viaduct to be removed in the near future which fronts Elliott Bay.

Composite of elements from two photographs by Susan Gans and section of a drawing by David Traylor at the Western point of Union Street, Seattle looking at the Viaduct to be removed in the near future which fronts Elliott Bay.

The Unfolding Project is the fourth collaboration about the idea of “place” undertaken by Susan Gans and David Traylor. Prior exhibitions were conceptual and broader in context. Gans and Traylor chose Unfolding to be specific and to look at a street that reflects social, economic and cultural changes not unlike what has been seen in many cities across the country.

Gans and Traylor spent more than a year walking Union Street and talking to members of the business community, artists and residents before deciding how to shape their show. The title of the exhibition is symbolic of how the street appears on a map and how it is viewed with the work presented. The full exhibition was shown at Gallery 110 in Pioneer Square this September.

Beginning November 10th and running thru January 3rd, the Central Cinema will show highlights including the book that focuses on important intersections throughout the Union Street Corridor. A series of independent photographs augment the art book of photographs and drawings and concentrate on East Union Street.

Susan Gans is a photographer deeply rooted in city life and the back-stories not always noticed by the accidental onlooker. David Traylor is an artist and Landscape Architect who looks for a different approach to describing how landscapes and the objects within them are seen.

Susan Gans is represented by Gallery 110 in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

David Traylor is represented by Ryan James Fine Arts in Kirkland, WA and is a member of Shift Gallery in Seattle.

Give BIG Happy Hour Tuesday May 6th 4:30-6:30


Of course you want to GiveBIG this year! Why not do it in style? We’d like to invite you to enjoy cocktails and camaraderie with us to celebrate Seattle’s giant day of big-hearted giving. A trio of cool Theater companies and all their friends will be having a very special happy hour in the Cinema tomorrow.

Drop in for a few minutes to say hi, or settle in to raise a glass or two and have a bite to eat. Computers will be available for you to make contributions to your favorite non-profit. Meet the people behind MAP Theater, Theater Scheater, and Playing in Progress. (And just for stopping by, you get a free hug and a souvenir button!)
The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG is a one-day, online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations who make our region a healthier and more vital place to live. This is your chance to get with GiveBIG IRL! FTF!  :{)

CD Holiday Party Slideshow

Good fun at the Holiday Party this year. The students from Meter were amazing on stage, Santa took a break from cutting hair to be here, and there was Juggling!

News From Programming

A vision is just a vision if it’s only in your head. Sometimes life gives you a chance for that vision to become a reality. I had this idea of taking my living room movie screenings to a more epic scale and unleashing my cinematic insanity onto the city I love so dearly. Three years ago the opportunity fell in my lap.  I was able to screen some of my favorite movies, from NIGHT OF THE HUNTER to TROOP BEVERLY HILLS, complete with servers, booze and friends.Some movies were huge (CLUELESS, CASABLANCA and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA), while some were major bombs. We don’t discuss those. To have been a part of the Seattle movie going experience and to everyone who went on the journey with me, I am humbly and shockingly grateful.

The time has come for me to explore new challenges and more High Adventure in life. I am excited to welcome Jessica Aceti, one of the masterminds behinds MOVIE CAT TRIVIA  as the new programmer at Central Cinema. She is walking into a wonderful situation as we have reached our Kickstarter goal to install a new DCP projector and I know for a fact that she a huge fan of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING.

During my tenure I  learned what true professionalism is. Shane Whalund and Michael Anderson from Collide-O-Scope, Jessica Aceti and Brian Kirk,  Mystic O’Reilly and her Burlesque Along crew, Mia Roberson, The lovely ladies of GeekGirlCon and the folks behind WAXIE MOON IN FALLEN JEWEL all raised the bar and showed that you MUST be willing to give the audience what they want, while maintaining a level of integrity in your work.

For the Central Cinema peeps, it has truly been a happening. I don’t think I will ever get the smell of popcorn out of my winter coat and I will never ever eat anything with Celery Root in it again. It would be remiss of me to not mention a couple of people who always had my back.  Morgan Galloway taught me the fine art of Morganization ( IT WORKS!) and under no circumstances pass up your shift meal. Also, Chelsea Popp advised me to keep your chin up, try to do the best you can and try to laugh at everything. Both Morgan and Chelsea listened when I spoke to them and never ever lost their cool, well…almost never ever….Through the madness, insane joy and distress of a clunker movie screening, they implored that I  shrug it off and exhale. Also, Brian Van Williamson has always been a great sounding board and good friend. He saw the big picture and shared the vision I was trying to create.

Mercy, mercy, mercy. After taking over the Sing Alongs, I learned what TRUE comradery and joy meant. Each event has it’s own insane story to tell and it you weren’t there then you missed it.  From the Dream Date Series to the Ladies of R&B, it was an experience unlike any other. By far the most personal and most intense one was the past Totally Gay Sing Along. Hitting right in the middle of the DOMA overturn, Prop 8 shutdown and Seattle Pride, the roof was blown off and left in orbit somewhere. The feeling of love and togetherness has never been as strong….well besides anytime TEAM MARIAH gets together.

I live according to BadMovieArt rules. The most magical nights were the BadMovieArt screenings. From ROLLERBOOGIE to last month’s gonzo LADY TERMINATOR, I have seen people laugh so hard they cried. I have seen a movie end and everyone remain in their seats completely stunned i.e,. THE LONELY LADY. I have seen people get so mad at the movie, they start yelling at it, like PIPE DREAMS and MAC & ME. I have loved every single minute of every single screening of every BadMovieArt and I will remember it as long as I can.

I want to thank Kevin and Kate Spitzer for taking a chance on a good ole country boy who love movies and loves to party. Usually at the same time.

Thanks to all of my friends who have been so supportive and have come to tons of screenings either by their own free will or dragged there, with a promise of discounted drinks and a ride home. Jeff Dorion, Ryan Hicks, David Schmader, Jake Nelson, Tom Nelson, Boris and Richard Kennedy have made my cinematic endeavors so rewarding in so many ways and I thank them from the bottom of my darksided heart.

Jason A. Miller

Life ain’t nothing but a movie. But you get to pick the soundtrack.

“I feel things deeply.” – C.C. BLOOM

BadMovieArt returns with LADY TERMINATOR

Tonight BadMovieArt returns to Central Cinema with a one of a kind film, unlike anything you have EVER seen! LADY TERMINATOR aka NASTY HUNTER is a classic slice of BadMovieArt that must be seen to be believed!


We go deep into the vaults of BadMovieArt to unleash one of the most jacked up and thrilling movies ever conceived. Straight from the late 80’s Indonesian film scene, LADY TERMINATOR aka NASTY HUNTER is everything you could possibly want in a movie! Ancient sea witch curses, Lady robots, musical numbers, mullets and one eye popping scene that will leave you speechless!

Consider this GAME ON! As BadMovieArt takes you on one helluva a ride you will NEVER FORGET no matter how hard you try!


And if that wasn’t enough. BadMovieArt is giving you one more reason to love LADY TERMINATOR! All tickets for LADY TERMINATOR are 99 cents!* It is worth every penny!

Tickets on sale now!

*Advance tickets have a 50 cent handling and processing fee, making your total ticket price for LADY TERMINATOR a buck fifty!