Black Friday Puchcard Special



We are having our own super special Black Friday sale here at Central Cinema. For one night only we will have Punchcards good for 10 movie admissions on sale for only $50. You get 10 admissions for $5 each! That was our ticket price way back in 2005 and during the DCP Projector Kickstarter last year. For one night we are letting you get that super deal again. Stuff the stocking of a special someone with a years worth of movies at a super special price. These are only available in person at our box office on Friday Nov 28th from 5:30 pm til midnight. As if you needed an excuse to come see the 4K digital restoration of Casablanca or the dreamy France of Amelie this Friday. Blow off the big box mall shopping mayhem for a night at the movies and score a deal on movies presents too. Then have a glass of wine and dream of sunny France…..

Any remaining punchcards will be on sale after Friday at the regular advance price of $70 for 10 admissions, equivalent to our early discount. We’ll have these while supplies last, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Bonebat 2015 Launch

2015 Comedy of Horrors Film Fest Kickstarter

Bonebat Comedy of Horrors Festival for 2015

Seattle’s 5th “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest, presenting features, shorts & live music, to be hosted 4/25/15 by The BoneBat Show!

The “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival is the world’s only film fest dedicated to the Horror Comedy genre. Entering it’s fifth year, it has already landed in MovieMaker Magazine’s Top Five Coolest Comedy Film Fest’s WORLD WIDE! The past couple of fests have been super fun and here is your chance to get it in early to help Bonebat go large.

The “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest is a one-day (until now) entertainment extravaganza which includes feature length films and shorts from around the world, all featuring some mix of comedy, horror, or horror-comedy. Somewhere in the middle of all that, there’s live, independent music. And prizes galore, courtesy of our generous sponsors! Not the colored pixels that pass for rewards in some circles. The “Comedy of Horrors” gives away real, physical items of value that you can take home and enjoy. If funded, this festival will take place on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at Central Cinema in Seattle, WA.

Summer Matinee Madness

Recently we had Kevin and Sean, the guys who founded DealFlicks, stop by the theater on their way to Canada. After seeing what they do at DealFlicks we signed up Central Cinema. All summer we will be offering Summer Matinee Madness of 3-for-1 admission to our weekend matinees all the way through September. Now you can duck out of the sun for an air conditioned break at the movies and bring two friends along for free. What a nice way to split a pitcher! Check out our theater page on DealFlicks and score some sweet deals.


Bonebat 2014 this Saturday

Have you ever chewed your fingernail down to the point where it bled, but the act of chewing was so strangely satisfying that you just kept chewing and chewing until you were all the way up to your shoulder? Of course not. That’s insane. But the fact that you read this far means that you are the kind of person who would enjoy the fourth annual “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival, April 26th.
“What’s a “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival?” you ask.
“Didn’t your mom teach you not to talk with your mouth full?” I reply.
The “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival is a massive serving of horror and comedy: feature-length films and short films. And there is live music. And prizes. There are a LOT of prizes. Yah. All of that. Is it any surprise that Movie Maker Magazine called the fest one of the coolest film festivals in the world?

The bumpy road to DCP


The gaping hole in our projector where the IMS should be.


The loaner projector doing the work of keeping the screen lit while the main unit is out of commission.

While all projects have their unforeseen problems to deal with, we hit a huge pothole in the road to digital cinema on Friday. As I was testing Casablanca on Friday, it was looking beautiful until about 10 minutes into the movie when it started rapidly looping the same few frames over and over. Uh oh. DCP is supposed to be rock solid. The movies are encrypted and the Studios only unlock them for the actual dates that you have booked with them. This means that testing the movie in advance is out of the question. So here I was on the opening day of a Holiday weekend with a fritzing movie. At first the issue appeared to be a piece of firmware on the media board (IMS) inside the projector. The update was fairly straightforward and applied just fine… then the communication port went down and the projector became unreachable. We sweated over the port settings for a few hours trying to reestablish a link but it just wouldn’t respond to anything. We finally had to break the bad news to all the people in the lobby waiting for a fun Friday night with a great classic. No show, tickets refunded, that inner feeling of frustration and wanting to smash cute things. We were able to get a loaner projector setup as an interim solution, so we were back on the screen for the late show. The IMS board is in the shop for diagnosis and repair. At first it looked as if a software repair was all it was going to need but then the error messages started popping up making it look more and more like there was something physically wrong with the board itself. Since this thing is barely a few weeks old it means that Doremi will be sending us a fresh one from LA. I would love to know what loose solder joint or overheated chip might have caused it, I guess it is a dark fascination. The show is still on with the loaner standing in. The big pretty Barco projector should be relit soon so we can have a bright and shiny December.

June 2013 Calendar announced!

This June is going to be a mixture of spaced out movies that will have you heading for the stars and quality movies full of PRIDE!! Set your laser beams to stunning as we head into the first month of summer with over 15 awesome movies and special events.


“Paging Mr. Herman.”
Friday May 31st – Wednesday June 5th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

The Willis component.
Friday May 31st – Wednesday June 5th at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Unstoppable and super charming!
Thursday June 6th at 8:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Cruise. Curry. Unicorns. Tangerine Dream Soundtrack. LEGENDARY.
Friday June 7th – Monday June 10th & Wednesday June 12th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

You are going to need a bigger can of Raid.
Friday June 7th – Monday June 10th & Wednesday June 12th* at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show
*99 cents screening on Wednesday ONLY!

It’s Dot. It’s Ms. Matrix if your NASTY!
Friday June 14th – Tuesday June 18th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Spirit Fingers.
Friday June 7th & Sunday June 16th – Wednesday June 19th* at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show
*99 cents screening on Wednesday ONLY!

First we eat your brain….
Friday June 21st at 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Sunday June 23rd at 7:00pm ONLY.
Monday June 24th – Tuesday June 25th at 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Dean gets a piece of Wood.
Friday June 28th – Wednesday July 3rd at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Where’s Tina?
Friday June 28th – Wednesday July 3rd at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show


Are you smarter than a Delorean? Think again.
Tuesday June 11th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Benefit for Dakota Dance
Thursday June 13th at 8:00pm
Tickets $8 advance/ $10 day of show

The 80’s are back by popular demand! And on a Saturday night!
Saturday June 14th at 9:30pm
Tickets $10 advance/ $12 day of show

BadMovieArt Presents:
She mates. Then she terminates. That means YOU!
Wednesday June 19th at 7:00pm
All seats 99 cents*
*Please note that advance tickets have a 50 cent processing fee. Making your total a buck fifty.

Seattle’s beloved cult classic goes Friday Night!
Friday June 21st at 9:30pm
All seats $12
18 + show.

The library is open for ONE NIGHT ONLY!
Wednesday June 26th at 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Velvet Rage Manifesto.
Hosted and curated by Jason Miller
Thursday June 27th at 8:00pm
Tickets $10 advance/ $12 day of show


This Is Roller Derby

Join us for a free screening of This is Roller Derby this Sunday at 2:30.
Director Daniel Hayward is in Seattle for the screening.

You can view the trailer here:

Filmed over 12 months, This Is Roller Derby is a colorful and action packed documentary examining the cultural phenomenon of modern roller derby; a full contact sport played by women on roller skates. From its roots in Austin, Texas, it has become the fastest growing women’s sport in the world. Nowhere is this more evident than in Australia – not only for its dynamic appeal but also its subcultural influences and community spirit.

In the rural Victorian town of Ballarat Australia, a group of women from varied and diverse socio-economic backgrounds have banded together to grow their own grass-roots roller derby league hoping to become a part of the greater roller derby community. The film follows the Ballarat Roller Derby League and its skaters over the course of twelve months, juxtaposing their journey with the established Australian and Texas roller derby leagues.

This screening is FREE but you should register for tickets at