Lamp FAIL excitement from the booth


Star Trek was looking a little dark last night and then the error messages started popping up on the server. So after the show it was time for a little late night maintenance which is when I pulled out this lamp with chunks of glass and metal clanking around. Tonight’s show looks better now that both lamps are on. I am looking forward to converting to DCP this summer so we’ll be running on arc lamps with double the brightness. It is going to make the shows look really great.

The Black & Beautiful Film Festival 2013

We here at Central Cinema want to give a big shout out to everyone who came out to support The Black & Beautiful Film Festival this past week. Franklin High School Senior, Mia Roberson, did an amazing job curating the festival and doing introducing for all four films that played for her Senior Project.  Films included in the festivals were an opening night screening of SHAFT ’71 and two feature runs with GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER? and JACKIE BROWN. She closed the festival last night with THE WIZ.

We wish Mia Roberson the best in her endeavors as she heads to college this fall. It was a pleasure working with such a talented and bright young adult.

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Where are not sure why there is a baby coming out of the recycling.

Memorial Day Weekend and BEYOND!

We are excited to present two great movies that will take you right into enemy territory! First up is STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT at 7:00pm. This is the one with the Borg Queen that seduces Data to the dark side. The Borg Queen is straight up out of MJ’s short film, Captain EO, but still is amazing. Patrick Stewart reportedly stated at the last Comic-Con that FIRST CONTACT was his favorite movie in the series. Naturally. We are pleased to bring this Trekkie delight to Central Cinema for a full week! Catch this Memorial Day Weekend or catch it on a weeknight when you find yourself longing for Levar Burton action!

Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Dates of Showtimes:

Friday May 24th – Sunday May 26th at 7:00pm & Tuesday May 28th – Wednesday May 29th at 7:00pm

It's a borg thing. You wouldn't understand.

It’s a borg thing. You wouldn’t understand.


Be it behind the wheel of car, on house arrest, in the slammer, chillin’ in rehab or starring in Liz & Dick, there is one thing that is for certain we can say about Lindsay Lohan. WE LOVE YOU! This week we start one of the freshest and on target teen flicks of the 00’s. MEAN GIRLS is playing for a full week and we can’t wait to see what happens when we unleash this film onto the big screen. Tickets are selling like crazy, and we are fielding emails from fans who want to dress up as their favorite Plastic! Watch your step and hang on to your BF, cuz once you go into Girl World, you don’t come back!

Tickets on sale now

$6 advance/ $8 day of show

Dates of Showtimes:

Friday May 24th – Sunday May 26th at 9:30pm & Tuesday May 28th – Wednesday May 29th at 9:30pm

BONUS: For all your hardcore MEAN GIRLS out there, we are going to be including the final screening of MEAN GIRLS on Wednesday night at 9:30pm as part of our 99 Cent Movie Night! You know you wanna see it again and we know you got a dollar!



Memorial Day is gonna be super as we team up with GEEKGIRLCON to present the awfully good 1984 classic, SUPERGIRL! We are pleased to be presenting the director’s cut with a runtime of 138 minutes. That is a lot of Hart Bochner! It is gonna be a night full of laughs, bad special effects, costumes and lots of cheers!

Tickets on sale now!

$6 advance/ $8 day of show

Monday May 27th at 7:00pm



We aren’t done with you yet! The Borg Queen, Mean Girls and even Supergirl are no match for our very own hero…….ine.

WAXIE MOON IN FALLEN JEWEL is back for it’s monthly screening. Waxie Moon just won’t quit. If you have seen the movie before, it is time to revisit it, because we promise you missed 50% of the jokes on the last viewing! If you haven’t seen it, then you MUST! It is clever, kooky and downright puzzling. But all in a good way! With musical numbers and one flawless costume after another, WAXIE MOON IN FALLEN JEWEL takes taste and virtue to a whole new level.

The crowds have been going nuts at the screenings and there has been one amazing performance after another at the screenings. Wes Hurley is usually on hand in the audience to field questions, speculations and hugs! Call up your girls! Call up your boyz! You can even bring your Mom to it (we suggest a nice FULL bottle of wine), but come see it!

Tickets are $12 all seats


Thursday May 30th at 8:00pm

Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel

June 2013 Calendar announced!

This June is going to be a mixture of spaced out movies that will have you heading for the stars and quality movies full of PRIDE!! Set your laser beams to stunning as we head into the first month of summer with over 15 awesome movies and special events.


“Paging Mr. Herman.”
Friday May 31st – Wednesday June 5th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

The Willis component.
Friday May 31st – Wednesday June 5th at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Unstoppable and super charming!
Thursday June 6th at 8:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Cruise. Curry. Unicorns. Tangerine Dream Soundtrack. LEGENDARY.
Friday June 7th – Monday June 10th & Wednesday June 12th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

You are going to need a bigger can of Raid.
Friday June 7th – Monday June 10th & Wednesday June 12th* at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show
*99 cents screening on Wednesday ONLY!

It’s Dot. It’s Ms. Matrix if your NASTY!
Friday June 14th – Tuesday June 18th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Spirit Fingers.
Friday June 7th & Sunday June 16th – Wednesday June 19th* at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show
*99 cents screening on Wednesday ONLY!

First we eat your brain….
Friday June 21st at 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Sunday June 23rd at 7:00pm ONLY.
Monday June 24th – Tuesday June 25th at 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Dean gets a piece of Wood.
Friday June 28th – Wednesday July 3rd at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Where’s Tina?
Friday June 28th – Wednesday July 3rd at 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show


Are you smarter than a Delorean? Think again.
Tuesday June 11th at 7:00pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Benefit for Dakota Dance
Thursday June 13th at 8:00pm
Tickets $8 advance/ $10 day of show

The 80’s are back by popular demand! And on a Saturday night!
Saturday June 14th at 9:30pm
Tickets $10 advance/ $12 day of show

BadMovieArt Presents:
She mates. Then she terminates. That means YOU!
Wednesday June 19th at 7:00pm
All seats 99 cents*
*Please note that advance tickets have a 50 cent processing fee. Making your total a buck fifty.

Seattle’s beloved cult classic goes Friday Night!
Friday June 21st at 9:30pm
All seats $12
18 + show.

The library is open for ONE NIGHT ONLY!
Wednesday June 26th at 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Tickets $6 advance/ $8 day of show

Velvet Rage Manifesto.
Hosted and curated by Jason Miller
Thursday June 27th at 8:00pm
Tickets $10 advance/ $12 day of show


This Is Roller Derby

Join us for a free screening of This is Roller Derby this Sunday at 2:30.
Director Daniel Hayward is in Seattle for the screening.

You can view the trailer here:

Filmed over 12 months, This Is Roller Derby is a colorful and action packed documentary examining the cultural phenomenon of modern roller derby; a full contact sport played by women on roller skates. From its roots in Austin, Texas, it has become the fastest growing women’s sport in the world. Nowhere is this more evident than in Australia – not only for its dynamic appeal but also its subcultural influences and community spirit.

In the rural Victorian town of Ballarat Australia, a group of women from varied and diverse socio-economic backgrounds have banded together to grow their own grass-roots roller derby league hoping to become a part of the greater roller derby community. The film follows the Ballarat Roller Derby League and its skaters over the course of twelve months, juxtaposing their journey with the established Australian and Texas roller derby leagues.

This screening is FREE but you should register for tickets at

3 Questions with Mia Roberson

For one week we are turning our programming over to Franklin High School Senior, Mia Roberson. She has created and is hosting The Black & Beautiful Film Festival. It is showcasing four films that crossed cinematic color lines and truly represent the meaning of black and beautiful. We sat down with Mia for 3 questions about her project and what it means to truly be Black & Beautiful.

1. What inspired you to create a film festival for your senior project?
I love watching movies and not just for the candy and popcorn. My mom and her friend
started showing me older movies like Carmen Jones, Sparkle and An Imitation of Life, to learn
about my history, when I was younger but I never really understood them. As I got older and
re-watched them I understood more and would listen more carefully to the meaning behind
the script writers carefully chosen words. This itching to understand more and look deeper
into my history grew as it came time to start working on my senior project and what better
way than through film. Thus the Black & Beautiful Film Festival was born.

2. What was one of the biggest take a ways you learned from delving deep into African
American Cinema?

One of the biggest take a way’s that I received was that the subtle things in film are as important as the action scenes. Everyone always remembers the action scenes but not clever phrases put here and there in the film by the script writer. I think we tend to forget, and even take for granted the fact that some of the popular movies phrases, gestures, etc. was a big risk during our great grandparents and even our parents time. I learned that everything in a movie is put there for a reason and if you look and listen closely you might learn something new, and find a hidden

3. What is your favorite swear word?

Shiznits or shit

The Black & Beautiful Film Festival starts Thursday May 16th and runs through Thursday May 23rd.


99 Cent Movies In May!

We have added two great films to our 99 cent movie cannon in MAY! Each month we choose a handful of films and make the bargain basement price of 99 cents on their final screening! This month we have two stellar movies that are worth EVERY PENNY!

ENJOY and save some money for beer!