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  1. To start off this is a fine establishment with good food, ample wine, good service by the female wait staff, and great movies that I would never get the chance to see on the big screen. I’ve noticed during the past few movies that the low talking scenes become muffled to the point that you can’t understand what is being said. I’ve had a couple of friends notice this as well. Any way you could rectify the problem? This won’t keep from going but would make the experience just that much better.

    • Hi Roger, you have nailed one of the trickiest things about showing movies. Getting the dialog balanced across the channels without having the sound effects pierce your ears. Every movie has a different mix as well. We are just laying out our plans for our next projection system upgrade and sound gear is part of that too. We have been making incremental progress over the years and I think we are approaching an upgrade cycle where we will be rebuilding things from new.

    • I’d like to state that I’ve had excellent service from the male waitstaff, as well as the female waitstaff. :)

      Also, I look forward to the upgrades!

  2. I have seen all my childhood favorites here! I love this place! I can’t wait to see Goonies in July. Is there a possibility of getting The Sandlot and The Princess Bride shown sometime soon!!!

    • Hi Mel,
      Thanks for the coming to Central Cinema and for the comment. We would LOVE to play The Sandlot and Princess Bride, but both titles fall under 20th Century FOX Studios and we are not able to screen their films until we get our DCP projector. Check out the link on our homepage for our Kickstarter fundraiser to get the projector. See ya at Central Cinema!

  3. Hi Kevin, We spoke a few weeks ago at the end of your screening of Boogie Nights. I asked if you might consider playing 1976’s GRIZZLY & possibly 1978’s PIRANHA in the short conceivable future? Both were the best Jaws rip-offs during the Animals Attack onslaught of the late 70’s. You asked me to write & remind you of these requests. Hope you could work on it for me (especially GRIZZLY!!!). I’ll bet you’d do pretty well as this hasn’t been shown for years in theaters & may be a nice discover for horror enthusiasts, as it’s a mild Cult Classic but also a forgotten low-budget gem. Only a couple venues in Hollywood (including Tarantino’s New Beverly) & a theater in Canada. Thanks, Dave

    • I also vote for more late 70s crap!

      (I must admit to having actually seen GRIZZLY during its original theatrical run)

    • ‘Frogs’ is another great (terrible) 70s horror film. Stars a young and moustacheless (surprisingly sexy?) Sam Elliott.

  4. It would be pretty amazing to show Prince’s epic Under The Cherry Moon on the big screen! Maybe paired with some music videos, or Michael Jackson’s Captain Eo?

  5. I would love to see you guys add Saturday afternoon matinees for kids, espcially as the rain/cold sets in!! It would be really great to have movies right here in the neighborhood. I think you would get a lot of families to come!

    • Hi Lisa, we have been talking about weekend matinees lately but were thinking more about adults than kids. We are going to start screening the Seahawks games on Sundays and also some new Happy Hour ideas. We’ll throw the kid matinee idea into the mix and see what we can work out.

  6. I loved it when before the upgrade you showed Star Trek First Contact and was wondering if there where any plans for any more Star Trek Film screening especially some of the older ones like “The Wrath of Khan” which I would believe would attract a fairly good crowd.

    • Seconding someone else’s suggestion of Star Trek episodes or movies. My friends and I would definitely go to those!

  7. Will you PLEASE move Eternal Sunshine to screen on Valentine’s Day weekend? It’s my absolute favorite! :) And my husband would like to see Say Anything. Both of them should be switched with Pretty In Pink and She’s All That. Just a thought! I think you’d get more patrons ;)

    • Hi Shannon, unfortunately the paperwork to change the bookings around is too much of a headache. It would also be a big bummer for the people that showed up at the wrong movie.

    • OMGOSH!! You’re actually doing the Holy Grail Quote-a-long!! And not only are you doing it, but you’re doing it ON MY BIRTHDAY!! Coincidence??

      ..yeah, probably… ’cause it would be weird if you knew my birthday…

  8. Thank you for putting Pump Up the Volume on the calendar. I emailed in requesting this a while back and I am so excited!

  9. Seeing Christian Slater in Pump up the Volume made me wish you guys played the classic
    ‘Gleaming the Cube’

    Also, another 80s great would be ‘Dream a Little Dream’

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