3 Questions with Brandon Ryan from MAP Productions

Tonight at 7:00pm MAP Productions is bringing another great trivia night to Central Cinema. This time the focus is the beloved, but extremely short lived television series, FREAKS AND GEEKS. All questions will be centered around the show and then episodes of the TV show follow! We sat down with Brandon Ryan of MAP Productions for 3 Questions.

1. Why do you think FREAKS AND GEEKS has continued to have a mass following and the trivia night for it so popular?
I think the show has thrived due to its ability to transcend the overall cliches of the typical high school realities that TV has constantly shown us throughout the years. While combining an amazing balance of heart and hilarity. Plus it wonderfully represents where the current state of the nerd zeitgeist is at. We no longer live in a world where popularity is dictated by the jocks and the cheerleader stereotypes of the past. The freaks and geeks of the world have started to take over. And this show now seems like a quasi documentary that showed the world where it all began.

2. Why do you think Central Cinema and the M.A.P. trivia nights are a good combination?
They have just seemed to be a nice symbiotic mixture for the both of us. Central Cinema has a venue that allows us to put on an evening with more theatrical like qualities. We’ve been able to make fantastic use of the stage, and screen to help accentuate our trivia nights. As for you guys, we’ve been able to draw large crowds of people who have never been to the venue before. Which is awesome for both of us. We use our trivia nights as a way to get people interested and invested in us and hopefully the plays that we put on with our theatre company. The same affect can be said for Central Cinema. Hopefully while were there, we can get trivia people excited about the venue and what it can offer outside of our trivia nights. Then they can come back later and experience an evening of film, food and drinks at Central Cinema, and possibly go see some live theatre that we put on in the future. Everyone wins.

3. What is your favorite swear word?
I like non conventional swear words. Words that I apply specific meaning to. So I say things like Flip, or Funk, or Hump. Those are the expletives that I dig.

Brandon Ryan of MAP Productions gettin' his trivia on!

Brandon Ryan of MAP Productions gettin’ his trivia on!

Tickets are $6 advance/ $8 day of show. Tickets are still available!