Happy Hour

Central Cinema’s Happy Hour!

Specials on Food and Drinks Weekdays from 5:30 til 6:30

Central Cinema has Happy Hour 5 nights a week! We have drink and food specials on a menu made just for noshing. Our Bartender Emily has created a number of seasonal craft cocktails inspired by some of the great shows we put on the screen. All Cocktails are $2 off for Happy Hour. Enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of our rotating tap for $4. Our regular Seasonal Menu is also always available if you are looking for something more substantial. Happy Hour happens both in our cafe space and in the theater. Slide into a booth in the theater for an unusual assortment of art films, experimental animation, historical newsreels, musical fun, and off-the-wall videos assembled by the staff here at Central Cinema. Each weeknight has it’s own theme so you can always see something different.
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One thought on “Happy Hour

  1. Thank you for tonight’s screening of The Muppet Movie. It was one of the top movie-going experiences of my life. My skull might actually implode if you continued to show all of the original Muppet movies, in chronological order, up to, but not including the two recent reboot films over the course of the remainder of the calendar year.

    Many thanks,

    Your new number one fan

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