Where do I order food or drinks? There’s no snack bar.

Central Cinema is a Dinner Theater with tables in the theater. Waiters will take your order and bring your food & drinks to you. Find a seat and you will be taken care of. We usually will have a short art film or cartoon before the feature to give everyone a chance to settle in, look over the menu, and get an order into the kitchen before the lights go down. It helps to arrive early so you can relax and not rush. We recommend about 20 minutes or so.

Can I order drinks and food at the kid’s movies?

Yes! Anytime the Cinema is open the Kitchen is open. If we have a midnight movie you will be able to order food late into the night. The full menu is available during the kids movies so you can park the kids in the theater and have lunch or a glass of wine in the Bistro.

Is Central Cinema wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we meet current building code for wheelchairs. There is a ramp to the front door, the restrooms are sized for wheelchairs, and the roll-up tables are right in the middle of the theater.

Do you ever have live performance?

Yes, and it is often mixed with projection. Gideon Freudmann has performed his electric cello compositions. Enuma Elish performed a stunning new composition to Metropolis. The Seattle Neutrino Society has had a few evenings of story telling. MovieCat hosts a monthly movie trivia night.

Can I rent out the theater for a party?

Yes, check out our rental page on the website for details. We have hosted birthday parties, Anniversaries, Company fun-nights, Nonprofit fundraisers, and even a Kareoke wedding!

I am an independent film maker, how can I show my movie at Central Cinema?

Please send us a screener and promo package so that we can take a look at your project and see if it fits into our program. The mailing address is 1411 21st Avenue Seattle WA 98122.  Please contact Jason Miller our Program Director at programdirector@central-cinema.com

Who made the Mosaic tile on the front of the Cinema?

Mosaic artist and painter Yegizaw Michael. www.yeggystudio.com Yeggy does fabulous work and we are excited to have one of his pieces as our front door.

Do you show any new movies?

Yes we show independently made and some foreign new movies. We won’t be showing what is currently at the mall theaters because there are already plenty of first-run Hollywood screens out there. We will have an interesting and variable mix of old classics, crazy cult movies, and newer independents. There will also be mixed media performance art and lectures.

Is Central Cinema for over 21 people only?

Central Cinema is a family friendly all ages venue. Those of you of legal age please remember to bring your ID with proof of age. We can’t serve you if you even might be a minor. Don’t try to order a cocktail, beer or wine if you are under 21. We don’t look kindly at Minors trying to drink alcohol on our premises and we will kick you out if you try.

Can I bring my own wine to Central Cinema?

Yes, if you have a nice bottle that you would prefer to ours you may bring it. We have a corkage of $10 and we will serve it in our glassware for you. Outside beer or booze is not allowed and will be taken away.

Do you take suggestions for movies?

Yes! Please e-mail our Program Director with what you would like to see and we’ll see if we can work it into to our program. We like to show special things that you might not see on the big screen elsewhere. Drop us a line with your ideas.

I have another question….

Please e-mail us at info@central-cinema.com

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