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Central Cinema is Air Conditioned

Central Cinema has Central Air Conditioning

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HAPPY HOUR – 5:30 til 6:30 Monday thru Friday with a different theme each day of the week.

Central Cinema is ALL AGES for all shows so bring the whole family

All shows in modern DCP Digital Cinema Projection

Open Daily 5:30pm til 11:00pm

Central Cinema is Seattle’s only Dine-In Cinema. Located in the Central District neighborhood at 21st & Union. A place close to home for your total Date-Nite experience in one spot. See your favorite movies how they were meant to be seen, on a big screen, with big sound, in a room full of people having a good time.


Full menu service is available at all shows. We take care of you in the theater with Waiter service and Sofa seating. We make everything fresh to order.  Organic Popcorn (Thanks Central Co-op!) with Real Butter for less than ordinary popcorn at ordinary theaters.
Have dessert & coffee or just play Scrabble after the show at Cafe Noir in our lobby, open 5:30 til 10pm every night of the week.


$2.00 off is automatically discounted from tickets purchased at least 24 Hours before the show.  Advance purchase general admission tickets: $8.00, Day-of-show general admission: $10.00 *Special Events such as sing-a-longs, quote-a-longs, and hecklevision cost a little bit more and are priced per show. There is a ticketing fee of 80 cents per ticket for online sales.

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13 thoughts on “Your Neighborhood Movie Joint…

  1. I feel that central cinema is an amazing establishment and a core element in the Seattle community! I also feel that to continue this tradition of awesomeness, you should play the movie RAD!

  2. Guys, please please please do a Robin Williams tribute night, or at least play Hook or something. It would mean so much to people! Thanks

    • Hi Shelly, we are having two Robin Williams Tribute Happy Hours on Friday and Saturday at 5:30. It is too short notice to be able to book any movies through the studios so we are assembling a tribute of clips and moments to celebrate Robin Williams.

  3. Just saw Street car Named Desire at New City Theater and thot it would be great to see the film. Have you considered running films of what theater productions are producing?

  4. Any chance of an RSS feed for upcoming shows? I’d love to be able to “set and forget” checking what’s coming up. The current feed gives you the blog but doesn’t say what’s coming down the pipe.

    Oh hey, I solved my problem and here’s how others can. You’ve still got the google calendar running, ‘though not linked, and public Google calendars can be accessed as an RSS feed. Paste this link into feedly (or your feed reader of choice) and you’ll get a notification when a new movie is added to the calendar, currently about three months out:

  5. Hey CC, how’s about another showing of MIAMI CONNECTION? Might have been the most fun I’ve ever had in a movie theater.

  6. gli archangelia; madam sin; hi’ ballin’; pyscho beach party:
    archangels (the original,not the remake) and madam sin are
    heavily atheistic films.

  7. I have a group of folks interested in watching French language films together. Bummer of folks is in the 10-20 person range. Do you do requests?. Alternatively, Do you rent out your space?.

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