Bonebat 2014 this Saturday

Have you ever chewed your fingernail down to the point where it bled, but the act of chewing was so strangely satisfying that you just kept chewing and chewing until you were all the way up to your shoulder? Of course not. That’s insane. But the fact that you read this far means that you are the kind of person who would enjoy the fourth annual “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival, April 26th.
“What’s a “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival?” you ask.
“Didn’t your mom teach you not to talk with your mouth full?” I reply.
The “Comedy of Horrors” Film Festival is a massive serving of horror and comedy: feature-length films and short films. And there is live music. And prizes. There are a LOT of prizes. Yah. All of that. Is it any surprise that Movie Maker Magazine called the fest one of the coolest film festivals in the world?
This is all brought to Seattle by Steve and Gord of The BoneBat Show – a local comedy and pop culture podcast.
The short films will be dispensed in four massive blocks of miniature madness. Some of these came all the way from Norway, UK, Spain, and the outer reaches of our solar system. Other shorts are as local as Seattle & Vancouver, BC. One short is so local that the director is right…here… DO NOT LOOK BEHIND YOU!  Dating the dead, chilling with chainsaws, and a whoopsie with Ouija – these films have it and more!
The features are just as impressive. Love Bite, presented in it’s U.S. Premiere, is a UK teen sex werewolf comedy horror film that will jump out of the screen and right at your pants… er… throat. Directed by Andy De Emmony, this film’s cast includes that guy from the Harry Potter movies. No, not him, the other guy. Peter Pettigrew.
The Northwest Premiere of Hellbenders (it’s never been seen on a big screen north of SF!) closes the fest as our second feature. Writer/director J.T Petty casts the harsh light of  truth on a group of priests who must remain in such a high state of sin that they can literally go to Hell and drag demons with them. If hard drinking, chain smoking, foul mouthed priests battling old school (REALLY old school) demons is what you crave, this film will serve it up for you.
The BoneBat Show is all about independent music, and they are bringing it hard to the “Comedy of Horrors” Film Fest. Live bands are to film festivals what salad dressing is to sex. It only seems weird until you try it. Musical guest number one will be none other than international super-stars Kirby Krackle. They will bring an acoustical version of their often electric nerd rock, which will be electrifying nonetheless. (That is an actual word. Look it up). And speaking of mind-bendingly awkward, Beefy will be the second musical act. His nerdcore rapping prowess will be in full effect as he spits rhymes about vampires, video games, and all things nerdy.
Wipe off your chin and pay attention, because there are prizes too. Steve and Gord from The BoneBat Show will be handing out books, comics, clothing, games, arousal, movies, shame, goblins, and much, much more.

All this goes down on April 26 at Central Cinema. Doors open at 1:30PM . Tickets are on sale now, but they are disappearing faster than a vampire on a tanning bed. Be there!

Gord Caulkins is co-host of The BoneBat Show, and his cartoons can be found at

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