3 Questions with Jen Gilleran from GRID


We are excited to be presenting a special event that will intrigue your visual and hearing senses. This Wednesday at 7:00pm, Central Cinema will be transformed into a sound stage for film with LIVE music!

Under the direction of Jen Gilleran, GRID is going to present an evening of film accompanied by With Neil Welch, sax; Simon Henneman, guitar; Bill Kautz, trumpet/euphonium, Rob Price, guitar and Jen Gilleran on drums/percussion.

Fresh off events at The Royal Room and Northwest Film Forum, Central Cinema is delighted to have this talented and unique group of musicians bring their one of a kind vibe and spirit to our theater.

Featuring the film works of Maya Deren and Ilya Chaiken, Grid is going to provide you with an enchanted and thoughtful night of music, film and life!

Tickets still available. $8 in advance/ $10 day of show

We sat down with Jen Gilleran for 3 Questions.

How did Grid come about and how did you choose the musicians that are going to be working with you?

Gregg Keplinger and I were having a coffee at Irwin’s and he talked about this concept of stacking ideas versus playing linear ones. He added ‘what if you just played in ONE (meter) and like everything was on a grid?’ My brain exploded. At the time I was reading ‘Finite and Infinite Games’ by James P. Carse, which defines an infinite game as having the goal of ‘continuing the play’ and that the success of the game is measured primarily on whether or not the players essentially inspire the other to continue. I think this is a solid way to evaluate good improvisation. It isn’t just throwing your ideas out there. It is also learning to set up the other players so they can take the next swing.
The group of musicians I chose for this show are deeply infinite players. In the words of Carse, they understand the “joyfulness of infinite play, its laughter, [which] lies in learning to start something we cannot finish”.


What artists have inspired you past and present?

Monolithic: Joni Mitchell, John Coltrane, Mary Lou Williams, Duke Ellington, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Paul Motian, Ilya Chaiken, Jimi Hendrix, Allison Miller, Mike Nichols, Paul Klee, Min Tanaka

Six months ago: The Beatles ‘Revolver’, Alan Lomax, Ruth Crawford Seeger, RL Burnside, Jay Bellerose, The Lumière Brothers, Nina Simone.

Presently: Kate McTell, Jeff Nichols, Willie Nelson, Neil Welch, Jack Kerouac, Bill Evans.

What is your favorite swear word?



GRID presents film set to LIVE music.

GRID presents film set to LIVE music.


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