3 Questions with Movie Cat Trivia

The folks behind the ever popular and insanely addictive MOVIE CAT TRIVIA app, brought their sense of style, wit, charm and hotness to Central Cinema over two years ago. Since then, MOVIE CAT TRIVIA has turned into one of the most enjoyable trivia nights in Seattle. We sat down with the creators and host of MOVIE CAT TRIVIA night, Jessica Aceti and Brian Kirk, for 3 Questions.


1. How and why did Movie Cat Trivia Night become a reality?
Here is the full story!  Brian started out with his website FilmWise.com in 2001 creating his trivia website with a focus on a puzzle he calls the “Invisibles”.  He Photoshops actors/actresses out of their clothing (pervert) in movie scenes, then as a player you guess the movie.  A company called Screenlife eventually found him and moved him up here from California.  He became the director of content at Screenlife, this is also where we (hi I’m Jessica) met and hid our relationship from co-workers, it was fun.  Brian had always drawn these cat characters for our nieces and one day he thought, “wouldn’t it be great to dress these cats up as if they were in the movies?”.  MovieCat the app was born.  When we launched it, I said “wouldn’t it be great to have a MovieCat trivia night to promote the game and you know, have fun?”  Brian said, “That sounds terrifying”.  We went ahead and did it anyway and we love it!
2. What has been the best experience of doing Movie Cat Trivia at Central Cinema?
Other than Central Cinema being an awesome venue with delicious food and now hard alcohol (YESSSSSSSSS) There are some really fun recurring jokes that happen at MovieCat Trivia.  My personal favorite is the nickname we have collectively given Julia Roberts, “Cunt Wagon”.  We genuinely love MovieCat trivia night, its always a really fun crowd who is there to have a good time.  I really just like having a microphone when I’m really drunk, and MovieCat makes this happen.
3. What is your favorite swear word?
 Brian’s is Shit Balls.  Mine (Jessica’s) is Dong (I don’t know if that is actually a curse word, but when I say it, people look at me like I just said a curse word).

MOVIE CAT TRIVIA happens tonight at 7:00pm!

Tickets are $6 advance/ $8 day of show

For more information about Movie Cat Trivia and to find out what Jessica Aceti and Brain Kirk are up to, follow the links!




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