3 Questions with Mia Roberson

For one week we are turning our programming over to Franklin High School Senior, Mia Roberson. She has created and is hosting The Black & Beautiful Film Festival. It is showcasing four films that crossed cinematic color lines and truly represent the meaning of black and beautiful. We sat down with Mia for 3 questions about her project and what it means to truly be Black & Beautiful.

1. What inspired you to create a film festival for your senior project?
I love watching movies and not just for the candy and popcorn. My mom and her friend
started showing me older movies like Carmen Jones, Sparkle and An Imitation of Life, to learn
about my history, when I was younger but I never really understood them. As I got older and
re-watched them I understood more and would listen more carefully to the meaning behind
the script writers carefully chosen words. This itching to understand more and look deeper
into my history grew as it came time to start working on my senior project and what better
way than through film. Thus the Black & Beautiful Film Festival was born.

2. What was one of the biggest take a ways you learned from delving deep into African
American Cinema?

One of the biggest take a way’s that I received was that the subtle things in film are as important as the action scenes. Everyone always remembers the action scenes but not clever phrases put here and there in the film by the script writer. I think we tend to forget, and even take for granted the fact that some of the popular movies phrases, gestures, etc. was a big risk during our great grandparents and even our parents time. I learned that everything in a movie is put there for a reason and if you look and listen closely you might learn something new, and find a hidden

3. What is your favorite swear word?

Shiznits or shit

The Black & Beautiful Film Festival starts Thursday May 16th and runs through Thursday May 23rd.


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